What our clients say

“Thank you for looking after my mother so very well and thanks to everyone for the care and the support they give her.” Mr H, Harwell

“Thank you for your service and support in the past and in particular, [the main carer], for her patience, dedication and understanding.” Family of Mr R, Didcot

“Thank you for all the help and care I have received by your staff; they have all been so considerate to me in every way.” Mrs T, Faringdon

“On behalf of my family and myself, I write to thank you most warmly for the dedicated care you have provided for my wife over the last year.  You certainly made life a lot more tolerable and easier for us both.  We are most grateful to all your team and I would have no hesitation in recommending your services to anybody who may need them.” Mr W, Botley

“Thank you for all your help over the years with my dad – you all made his life a little brighter and the whole family can never thank you all enough.” Family of Mr B, Kennington

“May I thank you all for all the help and kindness you showed to [my wife] when you looked after her.  The last few months were very difficult but your assistance was invaluable.  There were times when you really managed to brighten up her day from the word go!” Mr B, Crowmarsh Gifford

“I just wanted to express my thanks and my appreciation for the quality of care my father received in his final weeks and the great kindness shown to him.  Dad’s final wish to remain at home would not have been made possible without the invaluable intervention of the agency.  I think you are all amazing people and would not hesitate to recommend your services to others.” Mrs H, Witney

“I cannot thank you all enough for the years devoted to my aunt.  Although she didn’t die [at home], I think we did manage to meet her wishes.  I do admire the work you all do – and even as a retired nurse, do not really comprehend how you manage the emotional side – I always expected patients to get better and go home.   Special thanks go to [the main carer] – [the client’s] ‘rock’.” Mrs M, Surrey

“As a family we would like to thank you all for the kindness and consideration shown to our darling mother.  She was fond of all her carers.” The family of Mrs W, Oxford

“We would like to say thank you to all the carers who looked after mum over the years.” The family of Mrs A, Wallingford

“A message to thank you sincerely for your sympathy and caring for [my husband].  I really appreciate for all that you did for him in his last days.” Mrs B, Abingdon

“[The client] was so pleased with the visit from your foot care gentleman and kept telling me how wonderful his poor old feet were feeling.  Marvellous service – please pass on my sincere thanks to Neil.  He made a 91 year old very happy.” Mrs B, Cornwall

“Thank you all very much for all the care and support you have given to [our mother].  She truly benefited from your visits. Much appreciated.” Mrs G, Oxford

“On behalf of the whole family of Mrs S, I am writing to express our sincere thanks for the help and support provided by carers from OPC and particularly in her final months of life.” Mr S, Hertfordshire

“Thank you all very much for your help to my mum whilst being totally professional as carers.  Mum has now moved into permanent residential care.  She is settling in and adapting well to her new life.  Thank you all.” Mrs M, Kidlington

“I would just like to express my thanks and appreciation for the care and management of the care my parents are receiving from your company.  All the carers I have had the pleasure to meet have been kind and courteous to my parents and myself.  They are willing to listen and adapt wherever possible and treat my parents with the dignity they deserve at their age.  Also, whenever I have had to contact your office, I have been treated in a helpful and information manner.  I hope that we are able to continue to use your services for a long time to come.” Mrs H, Wantage

“Your kindness and all the care given, helped mother to stay in her cottage for the last seven years and she is very grateful that she was able to do this.  I am glad that you helped her for so long and were so caring and kind.” Mrs W, Didcot

“I would like to thank everybody at OPC for the excellent care you have provided for [my mother] over the last four years she’s been able to live at home.  She has lived independently for as long as possible and although she couldn’t remember her carers’ names she always said everybody was very kind.” Mrs J, Abingdon

“OPC is a remarkable organisation – you are a remarkable team and over four years you have never failed to find the best answers for [my brother’s] needs – namely delightful carers both morning and evening.  You were amazingly consistent which was so necessary for him and no one ever queried his needs.” Mrs D, London

“[My carer] is one of the kindest and hardworking people it is my pleasure to have ever met.  When this flat has been cleaned by her it is almost spotless and there’s not a speck of dust anywhere. She suggests what shopping I should buy to keep myself well fed and healthy and last Friday she worked although she had a bad head cold.” Mr B, Oxford

“Thank you so much for all the help and advice you gave me.  Also for the kindness and care from you and all the team.  I believe a friend of ours has relayed to you all how pleased we were with everything that was done to help us and mum.  I cannot express my gratitude enough.  So different from my previous experience! Having your input made life for us all so much easier and I know mum was very fond of [her live-in carer], which again made things better for me.” Mrs P, Chalgrove

“I write to express my gratitude to all of the team at OPC, who have provided Dad with care over the recent years.  That he made 96 years of age, was due to the constant support he received daily from your team.  So many of them became friends not just of his, and an integral part of his life but also of [his lodger] and myself, with their cheerful demeanour, friendship and kindness.  I understand how difficult it must be for you all to give such devoted care to many, only to see them pass-on and then to have to start-over with newcomers.  That takes special people and that is what you all are.” Mr E, Abingdon

“I am writing to you and all your team to thank you for all your care and support over the years, of which my mother was truly grateful and indeed myself and family.  My mother grew particularly fond of many of the carers over the years.  Their kindness, consideration and respect was second to none and my mother and myself would like to thank you all for your support.  You have an organisation you should be proud of so please accept this letter as a personal thank you to all of you at OPC from my mother, myself and family.” Mr R, Didcot

“May I on behalf of my brothers and sisters express our gratitude to all the carers who have been involved in looking after our mother in recent times.  We have the highest praise for them.  The care and respect she received has been outstandingly kind and considerate and each carer went the extra miles in the care they gave.  She came to look upon them as friends and looked forward to their visits.  We as a family thank Oxford Private Care for their advice, help and support during our mother’s final days.  We will always remember and appreciate this.” Mrs C, Abingdon

“I just wanted to say a big thank you for all your care and support you gave [the client], especially all the hard work that you did when she started to deteriorate further and required additional care. Please can you pass on a big thank you to [the live-in carer], she did a fantastic job.  I hope that we will be able to work together again in the future.” Oxford Health, NHS Foundation Trust

“I have very much appreciated the kindness and efficiency of OPC carers who brightened up [my husband’s] day and mine!” Mrs W, Kennington

“I would like to thank you and your team for the great care and support you have given us in my mother’s last months.  The girls were very competent and caring.  I would also like to give a special thank you to Alecia, the hairdresser – she did a fantastic job with my mother’s hair.  Thank you again.” Mrs B, Oxford

“[My husband’s carer] has been first class with how she manages him.  Her patience and kindness is outstanding.  I call her my ray of sunshine! and always look forward to the day when she comes.” Mrs M, Abingdon

“On behalf of all the family, I would like to extend our sincere thanks for all your care and kindness to our uncle.  Your services to the elderly are not only, I know, appreciated by us but all people needing them.” Mrs W, Cambridge

“Thank you so much for all you did looking after mum, talking to her, I know she appreciated it.  You all made her final weeks and days comfortable.  I don’t know what we would have done without you.” Miss G, Oxford

“Thank you sincerely for the care of my dad.  I know he used to tell you how grateful he was and how much he appreciated all that you did, but I also want to let you know how much it meant to me.  You brought such kindness and comfort to him every day – day in and day out, up and down the drive, up and down the stairs and through all those muddy puddles in the garden.  When I talked to your familiar voices on the phone, it was reassuring; and whenever I came home it was as though you were part of our family.  Thank you.  You are lovely people and I hope that you will always be treated with the same amount of kindness that you all give out.” Ms S, USA

“My wife and I are full of admiration for the way that all your staff, both the carers and the administrators, have always demonstrated that the word “Care” in your title is fully merited and we have many times been impressed by the way everyone we have dealt with has known all about [my sister-in-law] and always been ready to help her, often way beyond the call of duty.” Mr C, Middlesex

“I am writing on behalf of our family to thank you and your staff for the wonderful way OPC have looked after [my sister-in-law] for the past three years.  There is no doubt that it is thanks to the care that you have provided that she has been able to stay for so long in her own home, which was what she wanted to do.” Mr C, Middlesex

“Thank you so much for your care and dedicated hard work in looking after [my mother] and all the other old folk.  You all need a medal – especially for getting around to everyone during the snow and ice a few weeks ago.  That was amazing and true dedication! Thank you so much.” Mrs M, Oxford

“I would like to thank you for the support your organisation provided to my mother over the past few months and would be grateful if you could pass on my thanks to all those who assisted her.” Mrs S, Oxford

“I would like to thank you all for the excellent care your gave [my mother] over the years.  I would highly recommend you to anyone seeking care, as you have been reliable and sensitive in the way you supported my mother and her sister.” Mrs P, Faringdon

“Many thanks for the temporary care for my mother – it was most successful.  We will be in contact again when the need arises in the future.” Mrs W, Bampton

“We want to say a big thank you to all those who looked after [my husband] so well over the last year.  You always treated him with great respect and understanding and he came to look upon his carers as his friends.” Mrs G, Wootton

“We wish to thank your carers for the excellent service they gave my mother.  For their help, kindness and understanding.  We would recommend OPC to anyone requiring their services.” Mr D, Botley

“Carers were kind, considerate and had time to talk.  Several carers came and all were very nice.  My mother-in-law was very pleased with the service.  We had an enjoyable week away knowing she was taken care of.” Mrs H, Wantage

“Thank you so much for all the wonderful care you gave to my mother.” Mrs B, London

“We wish to thank OPC and their staff for what we feel is a very good service to our mother.  All the carers do an excellent job.” Mr T, Oxford

“May I take this opportunity to thank OPC for the care received by my brother-in-law.  The care he received has been far beyond our expectations.  He has been treated with kindness and understanding at all times.” Mr T, Steventon

“There are 5 carers who have been coming to dad for the past 3 weeks and he has really taken a shine to them.  This also helps me because it means I can go to work early and know that dad is with people he has built a relationship with.  All 5 have been great and turning up on time which is brilliant.” Mrs W, Oxford

“Very many thanks to all of you for everything you have done for my mother over the last four years.  It was very reassuring to me and the rest of the family to know that she was being so well looked after.” Mrs S, Oxford

“I think you run a wonderful organisation, one that really cares about its clients and I am very grateful for all it did for my husband and me.” Mrs M, Oxford

“We would like to say thank you to all the carers who, although only for a short time, looked after our lovely mum.  She always appreciated the help given.” Mrs H, Abingdon

“Thank you all for kindly attending to [my mother’s] needs four times a day.  She greatly appreciated your care and thoughtfulness which often went beyond the call of duty.  She spoke highly of you all.” Mr W, Nottingham

“Thank you to you all at Oxford Private Care (carers and office staff) for your kindness and care with mum.  You have helped mum and our family through a very difficult time and treated us with patience and gentleness.” Mrs Q, Oxford

“I am so pleased with the care that your staff gave to my mum. (The carers) are really kind, patient, hard working and gave 100% and more to my mum.  I can’t praise them enough.  OPC is a fantastic company; very well organised and a credit to everyone.” Mrs B, Abingdon

“Please would you convey my gratitude to the carers for their skill and kindness as they looked after [my husband] and supported me. [His main carer] in particular was a tower of strength.” Mrs U, Oxford

“This agency really is great! They are really caring, often spend longer with people if they are ill or to support relatives etc and always willing to help out.  So the fact that they have all these carers is just another bonus.” Emergency Duty Team social workers, Oxford

“[My carer’s] attitude is always cheerful and willing.  With her ingenuous capabilities, she recognises a need and proceeds to cope with it effectively.  Never complaining.  As well as the great help she gives in the home, it is refreshing to have someone like her to talk to.” Mr C, Oxford

“We would like to say a very sincere thank you to all of your staff who cared for mother over the last two and a half years.  They were all so kind to her and she really appreciated what they did and so did we.” Mr H, Oxford

“Just wanted to say a very big thank you for all that you did for mum.  All of you were so kind and gentle with her and I appreciated all the help and support that you gave me, it meant so much.  We were so lucky to have your team as mum’s carers, thank you all so very much.” Mrs S, Faringdon

“We would like to send our heartfelt thanks to OPC and all the magnificent carers who have looked after dad so well for the past few years.  The love and care you have all shown made such a difference to the quality of his life and we will be eternally grateful for that.” Mr W, Wantage

“We would like to thank you all for the care, help and kindness you gave my mother.  It meant a lot to her that she could stay in her own home and a lot to us that you went in three times a day when we were at work.” Mrs W, Cowley

“The family has been delighted with the care given to [our mother] and the consideration to them.  Special mention must be given to [carers] who have been very supportive and helpful and maintaining [our mother’s] dignity at all times.” Mrs W, Abingdon

“I would like to thank all the carers who helped [my mother] over the years you worked with her.  Everyone was always kind and professional.  She enjoyed their visits.” Mrs S, Oxford

“I would like to thank all of you who were involved in my father’s care.  He and mum both received wonderful and professional care from you all.  It enabled both dad and mum to stay in their own home until the very end.  You all have my eternal gratitude.” Mr K, Oxford

“As a family we wish to thank you so much for your care and affection and the professional way you carry out your difficult tasks.  Our heartfelt thanks and best wishes to you all.” Mrs J, Abingdon

“Thank you to everyone at OPC for the care and kindness shown to my mum.  She has now moved into a care home, your support was vital in allowing mum to remain at home for so long.” Mrs J, Oxford

“Your attentive service and assistance has been a godsend.  You have all enhanced the independence and fulfilment of the latter years of my mother’s life in so many ways.” Mr S, North Oxford

“Thank you so much for all your care for Auntie over the years.  Please thank the carers for all the love and care which was much appreciated by all of us.” Mrs T, Oxford

“Thank you very much for all the help I received in recent weeks.  Staff were unfailingly courteous and a pleasure to deal with.” Mr J, Abingdon

“We’d like to say a very big thank you to all the carers who brilliantly looked after my mother.  You were all so kind and very caring, my mum could not have stayed at home with dad where she wanted to be without all your very kind help.  We can’t thank you enough.” Mr E, Oxford

“Please pass on my thanks to the girls who looked after my cousin.  Their kindness and the fact that they enabled her to die – as she would have wished – in her own home, were very much appreciated.” Mrs M, Newtown

“I would like to say how delighted my mother and I are with the diligent and sensitive care that [the carer] has shown since she started with us.  Mum is so much happier and has never complained once, as has frequently in the past.  A very big thank you to [the carer] for her wonderful care and sweetness.” Mrs B, Oxford

“On behalf of my family and I, I would like to thank all the staff that looked after my wife during her illness.” Mr W, Abingdon

“I would like to thank you on behalf of my mum and all our family.  A special thanks to [my carers] who mum always had good things to say about.  She thought of you as friends.  To know mum, she would have to think you special.” Mr H, Wallingford

“Many thanks for your care and attention to my wife over the past months.  We shall always appreciate the way you made her comfortable in her decline.” Mr C, Abingdon

“A huge thank you for all your help and assistance over the years. We are all so grateful to you.  A special thanks to [my mother’s main carers].  Their dedication, and going above and beyond their duties, we will all remain forever grateful for.” Mrs G, Botley

“On behalf of [my husband] I would like to thank you for the wonderful care he received from your team.  He loved all his carers and I know they loved him.  It will feel strange not having them coming in any more but at least [my husband] is at peace.  Thank you again, nothing was too much trouble.” Mrs W, Garsington

“Many thanks for looking after mum. She is doing well with plenty of spirit as always but the fall certainly damaged her hip though she is already walking well with a frame.” Mrs N, Wallingford

“We would like to say thank you so very much for all the care you gave, and the kindness you have shown.  We really appreciate it.” Mrs S, Didcot

“It’s not often you find people as kind as you who go out of their way to make things nicer for others.  Your thoughtfulness is much appreciated and so are you.  Thank you for providing good quality care of [my wife].” Mr T, Abingdon

“This is just a note to say that I am very happy with the carers that you have sent me – all are nice, kind and helpful, but I want to say a little extra about [my main carer] – always on time, always cheerful, always quick to see where she can help – quick to do it and to do it well.  In fact I would say she is the “perfect helper” and thank you for sending her to me.” Mrs P, Oxford

“I shall never be able to thank you enough for all your wonderful help you have given me in every way.  In all my long life I have never had such help and thought given to me and with so much pleasure.” Mrs W, Oxford

“We were so grateful for everything you did for mum.  Our thanks.” Mrs B, Oxford