Annual Client Satisfaction Survey

At the end of every year, we circulate a satisfaction survey out to all our clients.

This provides us with valuable feedback as we endeavour to meet the needs of our clients and make any improvements where we can.

The results from the 2019 client satisfaction survey are as follows:

  • 91.5% of Oxford Private Care clients who responded to our survey said that they were happy with the care they received all or most of the time
  • 94.9% felt that their care service was effective saying that their needs were met all or most of the time
  • 97.7% said that they felt safe all or most of the time when their care service was being delivered
  • 77.4% of clients rated carers as good or outstanding at undertaking their duties, with 72.9% rating carers as good or outstanding at understanding their needs
  • 94.4% of clients stated that their carers are trustworthy and professional, and 94.9% of clients felt that they are treated with respect and dignity
  • 94.4% said that carers respected their privacy
  • 89.3% of clients said that they would recommend Oxford Private Care to other people, and 80.8% said they rated Oxford Private Care as outstanding or good