Personalisation is the shared ambition of the Government of coordinating care services to meet the individualised needs, choices and wishes of service users.

The objective is putting the client at the centre of the decision-making processes to ensure that their choices and needs are at the forefront of the care planning and delivery of care.  The person-centred approach aims to work in partnership with the client, families, carers and multi-disciplinary teams to provide a flexible and seamless service with the minimum amount of disruption to the client and their day-to-day routines.

Our priority is providing a high quality, flexible care provision in a safe and secure environment.

Our aim is to pro-actively monitor services and the health and well-being of the individual client to minimise the likelihood of hospital admission, rather than reacting to issues when a problem has manifested.

We achieve this by providing information, support and a pro-active approach to care whilst empowering our clients to be at the centre of the decision-making processes, having choice and control over every aspect of their care package.  We provide fully trained carers and additional bespoke training where specialist services are required, which are tailored to the individual’s personal needs.

Oxford Private Care recognises the importance of giving our clients the opportunity to be in control of their care and providing support and information where required to enable them to make informed choices for themselves.

“Your Care, Your Home, Your Choice”