Client Care Charter

Client Care Charter

Our company vision

Oxford Private Care aspires to offer a professional and value-for-money care service. We are a leading, people-centred care company, committed to both clients and our employees. Respect, compassion and choice are important to us, and we aim to provide a reliable, good quality service for everyone.

Our values

Linked to our vision are our values. We have developed three core values that are reflected in how we make decisions, deliver care, work together and develop the company in the future. These are:

  • Commitment – to excellent service
  • Professionalism – at all times
  • Respect – for all we care for and work with.

Our care standards

  • We will be committed to delivering a quality care service
  • We will create a tailor-made care package to enable you to live as you would like to
  • We will ensure that you have choice in the way you are cared for
  • We will assign an Area Care Manager and Area Care Supervisor to you when you commence care with us
  • We will ensure that our carers have the skills and are trained and competent to carry out the tasks you require in a safe way
  • We will ensure that our carers have been selected following our stringent recruitment checks
  • We will ensure that health and safety and hygiene rules are carried out at all times
  • We will be professional at all times
  • We will have respect for all we care for and work with
  • We will be honest and trustworthy
  • We will treat you with dignity and will address you in the manner of our choice
  • We will ensure that your privacy and confidentiality is maintained at all times
  • We will engage you in conversation, if you so wish
  • We will ensure that you are the focus of our attention
  • We will respect your beliefs and lifestyle
  • We will enable you to be independent and to do things for yourself wherever possible
  • We will make sure that our care is delivered in a caring and sensitive way
  • We will make sure that you are comfortable and safe before our carers leave
  • We will ensure that, whenever possible, our carers will arrive on time
  • We will endeavour to let you know if our carers are going to be more that 30 minutes late or if there needs to be a change to your normal carer/care routine
  • We will ensure that you have our office contact numbers and out of hours emergency number
  • We will ensure that your can expect the required number of carers to be present to support you
  • We will, at regular intervals, ask you for your views and feedback about the quality of service we provide
  • We will ensure that any requests for changes to your care needs are dealt with efficiently and effectively
  • We will ensure that should you need to complain that you will feel comfortable doing this
  • We will respond to any contact from you within 24 hours, which will also recognise any concerns or complaints




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